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Mont Tremblant, Canada

Pictures of Mont Tremblant, Canada in Winter


A snowy wonderland north of Montreal (and only an hour by plane from Newark Airport), Mont Tremblant beckons skiers to its easy-access mountain.

A friend writes: "Mont Tremblant looks like a toy village. I expect to see a model train go steaming by any second, or maybe find that it's really nestled under a Christmas tree. It looks charming, but somewhat unreal, like some developer's idea of what Bavaria might be like, or Toyland if it suddenly came to life."

Couples who visit Mont Tremblant will find several quite real restaurants to choose from, shops, lodging choices that include the exceptional Fairmont Tremblant, and a central activities center that can arrange everything from dog sledding to acrobranche, a winter version of ziplining.

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Mont Tremblant AirportRCMP MountiesSki Mobile Outside Mont Tremblant AirportMont Tremblant Canada View
Mont Tremblant Canada Ski LiftSki Cart LiftMont Tremblant Ski RacksMont Tremblant Canada Ski Market
Outdoor FireplaceSAQ Quebec Liquor StoreFairmont Tremblant Ski ValetMt Tremblant Canada Shopping
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