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Sofitel Montreal Golden Mile


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Sofitel Montreal Golden Mile in a Nutshell
Sofitel Montreal Golden Mile

Hotel entrance.

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Located in Montreal's first upscale neighborhood (in 1900, three quarters of Canada's millionaires lived within a mile), Sofitel Montreal Golden Mile hotel has a distinct French accent and trés chic style.

From the fine French fare served in its Renoir dining room (dinner is a gourmet experience; breakfast, including coffee delivered in a French press, is impeccable) to the staff uniforms, designed by Jean-Charles de Castelbajac, Gallic flair is everywhere. And no wonder; the parent company is French.

Originally a tall, glass-sheathed office building, the 17-story structure was transformed into a hotel with 258 guest rooms and suites in 2002. It remains a favorite of visiting businesspeople, yet the first-class dining and uncommon romance packages make it a good place for couples as well.

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