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Pierre du Calvet Hotel and Restaurant in Old Montreal


Pierre du Calvet Hotel and Restaurant in Old Montreal

Ebonized hand-carved bed with gold-leaf accents.

© Pierre du Calvet.

What to Expect at Pierre du Calvet:

Travel back in time to Canada in the 1700s, when colonists arrived in the Quebec territory to form a New France. To protect it from attack, the city walls were fortified and this home was built inside them, circa 1725. Located at the corner of Bonsecours and Saint-Paul streets, Pierre du Calvet's stone walls and chimneys are living history. Once a private family mansion, today it is the oldest house in Montreal open to the public, welcoming guests for overnight visits and gourmet meals.

Guest Rooms at Pierre du Calvet:

There are only nine guest rooms in the hotel, and each is furnished with a canopy bed carved from mahogany, genuine antiques, fine rugs, a desk, and elegant lighting. Modern additions include a small flatscreen TV with premium channels, complimentary wi-fi, and Egyptian cotton linens. Although the property underwent renovation in 2009, it has retained its ancient look and feel.

Dining at Pierre du Calvet:

Les Filles du Roy restaurant stands within the stone walls of Pierre du Calvet, and it is an attraction in its own right. Refined and traditional, the restaurant serves fine French fare. If you haven't treated yourself to French onion soup in a while, this is the place to indulge. One of us had delicious seared scallops; the other -- a discerning cook himself -- ordered osso buco, which he pronounced the best he'd ever tasted. The room itself is softly lit, the dining tables covered with tapestry cloth are nicely spaced apart, and leather couches in the center sit parallel to a fireplace. Animal-head trophies adorn one wall. A vintage portrait of the current owner's grandparents, taken in 1898 on their honeymoon, occupies another. Wine comes from the longtime hotel's cellar, and service is refreshingly professional.

Destination Weddings at Pierre du Calvet:

The hotel has a few rooms that would be suitable for a destination wedding or celebration dinner. Intimate Salon Beaupré can seat from four to twelve guests for dinner and has a working fireplace. The library, which also has a fireplace and overstuffed furniture, can accommodate up to 35 people. Bonsecours dining room can be closed for a special occasion. And in warm weather, the terrace is a fine place for a casual cocktail party.

Nearby Pierre du Calvet:

The charms of Montreal are many, and Pierre du Calvet's location in Vieux Montreal makes it an ideal place to explore the city. The activity-packed Old Port on the St. Lawrence is an easy walk, and the shops and outdoor cafes of Place Jacques Cartier are a few short blocks away as well. For romance, we heartily recommend a stroll through Old Montreal at Night, past illuminated churches and other historic buildings.

What Could be Improved at Pierre du Calvet?:

Bathrooms are very old-fashioned, with a small tub that doubles as the shower floor. Wi-fi, although free, comes through as a weak signal everywhere but in the lobby. And the lobby is filled with bird cages occupied by talking parrots and other winged creatures; bird lovers will delight in this. Ornithophobes will shudder until they're safely behind the door to their room.

Is Pierre du Calvet Right for You?:

Pierre du Calvet is a little bit Paris, a little bit parrots, and a lot of history. Couples who insist on staying in shiny, new, cutting-edge spots may not favor it. The pace is slow, as it should be, enabling guests to absorb the atmosphere and imagine what Quebec must have been like in the days of early pilgrims. The hotel also (thankfully) isn't a place for children. But if you are romantics and appreciate lodging in places that are unique, you can spend a few unforgettable nights here. Many celebrities have — and you just may end up sleeping in the same bed Brad Pitt occupied when he filmed in Montreal.

Where to Find More Information About Pierre du Calvet:

Pierre du Calvet Hotel & Restaurant
405 Bonsecours Street
Old Montreal, Canada
Pierre du Calvet Website

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