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The Ritz-Carlton Cancun


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The Ritz-Carlton Cancun in a Nutshell
The Ritz-Carlton Cancun

Every room has a balcony with views of the pools and beach.

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The Ritz-Carlton is miles away from (and above) most travelers’ conception of the Cancun experience.

As the very first Ritz-Carlton to open outside of the United States, it was part of the original efforts to develop Cancun as a high-end destination. Though Cancun itself has become more of a spring break party destination (to the dismay of everyone over the age of 22), the hotel has continued to maintain the elegance of the brand.

The Ritz-Carlton Cancun occupies one of the nicest strips of the beach and works it well; both pools and all outdoor areas face the water, and the only hints of the Cancun-erie to the distant left and right are the occasional small airplanes with banners advertising drink specials. All guest rooms face the beach – every last one of the 365 in house – so no one ends up with a parking-lot view.

The hotel’s interiors would feel at home in any major world capital – marble staircases, crystal chandeliers, and oil paintings are de rigueur throughout the property.

If you think the sound of flip flops smacking along marble would be inappropriate, you’re right; this isn’t the hotel to track sand into. Guests seem to know this, as the general atmosphere is one of civility, quiet relaxation, and (thankfully) wearing cover-ups indoors. The few children at the property are well-behaved and quiet; this is no Disney beach resort.

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