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Secrets Maroma Beach and Secrets Silversands


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Dining at Secrets Resorts
Secrets Maroma Beach and Secrets Silversands

El Patio restaurant at Secrets Silversands.

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Because most guests choose to eat all of their meals on the property, Secrets Resorts and Spas feature several restaurant and bar options, most of which are signature to the brand. For example at both Secrets Silversands and Secrets Maroma Beach guests will find a Mexican restaurant called El Patio, the Pan-Asian spot Himitsu, Italian food at Portofino and French cuisine at Bordeaux.

Each resort also has one international buffet, one outdoor locale specializing in seafood, and one pool-side grill.

One perk of the system is that the total dining capacity far exceeds the guest-room capacity, meaning that diners will never have to make a reservation or wait in line for a table. (Note: There is a charge for bottles of any wine other than the house brand.)

The six signature bars also range in style from the most casual, a swim-up bar called Manatees, to the most upscale, a late-night dance club called Desires.

Even though each property has the same kind of restaurants, the menus and décor are unique to each. Secrets Silversands’ eating and drinking spots are, again, very trendy. However, while the bars follow suit with the sparsely decorated rooms, the restaurants bend toward busy rather than minimal. Himitsu is drenched with bright red accents, and Marcel Marceau’s face lines the back of every chair at Bordeaux.

At El Patio, though, the effect is endearing: heart-shaped stands filled with votive candles flicker near tables, and raw leather chairs smack authentic. Secrets Maroma Beach’s restaurants and bars are cozier. Décor is more sophisticated and muted. Additionally, the four cuisine-specific restaurants—Italian, French, Asian and Mexican—offer outdoor seating for nice nights.

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