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Masturbation - Mutual Masturbation

Masturbation, mutual masturbation, and orgasm through self pleasure.
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Betty Dodson Online
Masturbation insights from the ground-breaking author and advocate of "Sex for One."
Masturbation info and advice for women, including benefits, social and moral issues, the basics, techniques to masterbate, and more.
Erotic Massage
Mutual masturbation as foreplay.
Facts and Tips on Masterbation
Masterbation is a normal sexual activity, and About's Teen Advice guide offers masturbate links to learn more.
Masturbation in Marriage
Is it okay to masturbate if you're married? "Statistics state that up to 90% of the total male population and up to 65% of the total female population masturbate from time to time," is among the facts on this informational page from About's Marriage Guides.
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