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Baltimore InterContinental Hotel


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Honeymoons/Romance Packages at InterContinental Harbor Court Baltimore
Romantic flower petal turndown

Flower petal turndown with a rose petal heart. Inset: bathroom sink with flower petals, and a basket of bubble bath and massage oil.

© Lauren Leonardi.
The hotel offers two packages that cater to couples:
    The “Romance Package” includes a one-night stay, chilled champagne upon arrival, an in-room movie, and breakfast in bed for two.

    The “Romance Escape” package includes a one-night stay, sparkling wine, a bouquet of flowers, and a box of chocolates.

Also available upon request is a flower petal turn-down, which includes a heart on the bed made from rose petals, plus flower petals sprinkled about the bathroom sink, toilet, and bathtub with small votives, along with massage oil and a jar of bubble bath.

The Explorer lounge has one area that’s nook-like and slightly removed from the rest of the bar, which is perfect for cozy canoodling before turning in.

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