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Top 6 Safe Travel Tote Bags


What kind of travel bag do you like to use to tote around your gear? Some people prefer using a backpack to tote their stuff. That's a fine bag for every day, but when I'm about to travel to a place well-known for pickpockets, I don't want to tote my travel gear behind my back; I want it securely under my arm. With that in mind, below are my top choices for a travel tote bag to accompany you safely on all your journeys.

1. Tumi Voyageur Tote

The quintessential tote bag, Tumi's Voyageur is more than great for travel; I carry it every day in warm weather. It's made of lightweight, waterproof nylon in a variety of classy colors and has comfortable twin rounded leather shoulder straps that don't slip down when you wear it. But it's what's inside that counts -- an array of pockets and zippers to keep your stuff relatively well organized in the capacious interior. The contrasting lining does help when you're trying to find something. Shaped like a trapezoid, it's 19.5 inches wide at the top and 12.75 at the bottom. Overall height is 13 inches, and the depth is a wide 5.75. The only risk you run is overloading it because it has so much room.

2. CitySafe Travel Shoulder Bag

Stay safe with this tote bag's slash-proof shoulder straps, wire-reinforced side and bottom panels, and tamper-proof zippers. This bag, good for city as well as vacation travel, is organized inside with dedicated pockets to tote a digital camera and phone. Measures 10.5 x 13 x 3.5" with adjustable-length strap. Available in walnut and midnight blue, it's smartly designed to keep the gear you tote, and hopefully you as well, safe. The one drawback: It won't win any style awards.

3. CitySafe Hobo Travel Tote

In this model, PacSafe combines style, safety and convenience. Unzip the top and bottom of the back pouch, and you can slip it over the handle of your upright luggage. Nearly square 13.5" W x 13" H x 7.5" D tote is available in chic black, plum, and blue.

4. Calvin Klein Leather Tote

If you regard black as the only suitable color for a bag and leather the proper material, this Calvin Klein tote is well-designed for the traveler. Double handles make it less likely to slide off your shoulder. Roomy inside, this tote measures 13 x 10 x 6 and has four small metal feet to protect the bottom.

5. Anti-Theft Backpack

Another strong-and-safe bag from the PacSafe line, you can tote this roomy and well-organized backpack. Has protective front and bottom panels, tamperproof zippers, RFID shield, and other built-in antitheft design. Also includes a padded laptop sleeve and removable, locking bag.

6. Magnolia Totebag

Light of color and spirit, this two-toned tote made of recycled fabric has the texture (and rain repellent characteristic) of waxed canvas. Rolled shoulder straps and a light weight make it easy to carry. Secure zippered pockets and open side ones for a water bottle and a book provide access to necessities. Bag measures 18 x 14 x 5.5 and comes in three different colors.
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