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Top 7 Travel Bag Choices


Whether you're going around the corner or around the world on your next trip, you're going to need a travel bag.

What is a travel bag? A travel bag is light. A travel bag is small enough to carry aboard an airplane but big enough to accommodate your most important stuff. A travel bag is soft. A travel bag can be slung over your shoulder, grabbed by handles, or rolled. A travel bag has pockets and can fit a laptop.

Below are my top choices for a travel bag to accompany you on all your journeys.

1. Kipling Spinner Boarding Bag

Back in the dark ages, travel bags were lucky if they had two handles. Fast forward to the brilliant addition of two wheels to luggage. Now that looks antediluvian, when four are available. This soft-sided boarding bag makes travel up and down an airplane aisle, as well as around the world, a breeze. Fits in the overhead compartment and has a front-zipper pocket for stuff you want access to before you buckle in. Available in a variety of colors.

2. Lipault Four-Wheeled Carry-on Travel Bag

Leave it to the French to come up with a travel bag in a variety of chic colors. This soft-sided, 22-inch-tall carry on is lightweight and water-resistant. The front zippered compartment is the place to stash stuff you need right away, and the four wheels ensure that it will glide along with you.

3. Bric's USA Safari Travel Bag

If you can't bring yourself to buying any color luggage other than black, consider adding a bit of texture to your travel bag. This Bric's bag is actually covered with microsuede that's embossed to resemble crocodile and Tuscan-leather trim adds an expensive detail. Four wheels make it easy to travel with and the front zippered pocket is where to stash your passport and boarding pass.

4. Samsonite Hyperspace Spinner Boarding Bag

I've been using a Samsonite luggage set for about five years, and it's held up well. This travel bag is recommended because I really hate to carry things even when there's not much to carry. Despite the fact this Samsonite piece is small, it's a spinner suitcase with four easy-gliding wheels. And at 17" x 14" x 7.5" it is wide enough to accommodate most laptops and also travel on board with you.

5. Knomo Sulina Top Zip Travel Bag

This good-looking leather bag can accommodate a weekend's worth of gear as well as a 15" computer. Its ivory shade adds a touch of class, and the exterior snap pocket is a good place to stash a cellphone or your passport as you go through security (once you're through, put in back in a safe place, like the zippered compartment inside).

6. Delsey Helium Fusion Lite 2.0 Trolley Tote

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There's nothing like a carryon with wheels, and this one's cute as could be since it's available in sky blue as well as midnight black. Soft, padded polyester case comes with a small carry handle, a telescoping handle, and a shoulder strap to use as needed.
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7. Crumpler Messenger-Style Travel Bag

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So well organized it borders on obsessive, this messenger-style carryon can fit a 15" laptop in a padded compartment. There are three pockets in the front and a zippered pocket. Dedicated spots for pens, a cellphone, iPod have Velcro closures to keep them safe.
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