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Top 7 Spinner Suitcase Choices


The spinner suitcase is the biggest luggage innovation since some savant attached a set of inline wheels to a standard suitcase and travelers the world over got rolling.

What distinguishes a spinner suitcase from rolling duffel bags and big suitcases that roll is this: It has four wheels instead of two, easily spinning 360 degrees.

On a flat surface such as a long airport hallway, a spinner suitcase rolls like a dream. Aside from grabbing it off an airport baggage carousel, there's no heavy lifting or tilting involved -- so you can pack as much as your spinner suitcase will hold. These are some I like.

1. Tumi Vapor Spinner Suitcase

Another stand-out at the carousel, Tumi offers its Vapor line of spinners in a variety of colors. Known for quality and endurance, this 27" packing case is sized for medium-length journeys.

2. Samsonite Hard-Sided Spinner Suitcase

Samsonite's Black Label Cosmolite collection is built to survive the rough times. Known as a hard-shell case, it's also in the style of a hard seashell! These pieces are all constructed of material made from layers of woven polypropylene formed into self-reinforced composite sheets. Available in heights of 27" and 32" and colors of black, red, and violet silver.

3. DVF Signature Spinner Suitcase

I adore Diane von Furstenberg's inimitable style. Feminine, flirty, yet always practical, her luggage is now available as spinner suitcases. This 28" model, with a pattern based on her signature, opens like a book and has a sexy magenta lining. And if you head home with more stuff than you left, it expands by 2.5 inches.

4. Samsonite Soft-Sided Spinner Suitcase

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When it came time to retire my old, frayed luggage, I knew what I wanted: Something a lot like it. My requirements (after the four spinner wheels, of course) were that it would be soft-sided and have two pockets on the outside. The top pocket, for last-minute travel items, perhaps a magazine and a snack. The bottom pocket, to hold my slippers on the outbound flight and a plastic bag with dirty laundry on the inbound. Voila! Samsonite's Hyperspace fit the bill. Now available in gorgeous ion pink or black, it's my new travel companion on big trips.

5. Heys Britto 30" Hard-Side Spinner Suitcase

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This is one suitcase no one will mistake for theirs on the carousel. Big (30" x 20" x 11.5"), bold, and beautiful, the Britto spinner features a pop-art design and an equally eye-popping interior. One feature I especially like is the built-in three digit TSA lock, so you'll never go searching for one again.

6. Heys Britto Spinner Set

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Want to stand out when you travel? There's no mistaking a Heys Britto spinner suitcase. And when you see double, with a 30" and 26" case -- or triple, adding the 22" carry-on, you will definitely let the world know you've arrived.

7. Rimowa Spinner Suitcases

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This top-of-the-line and top-rated brand makes a spinner suitcase that works as a virtual closet. With its independent two-chamber system, you can remove what you need without disturbing everything else and pretty much live out of your suitcase. An integrated suit bag, shirt pockets, shoe bag, laundry linen net, belt bag and toilet bag can each be removed separately and used as needed. There are two drawbacks with his model, however: price and weight. But if you can afford this, you already have someone else to carry your bags.
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