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Top 7 Matching Luggage Sets


While it's said that everyone enters a relationship with some personal baggage, not everyone brings a matching set.

If you're planning to do some traveling together, there's no better time to acquire a set and have every piece you could need from the start.

Below are some of my recommendations for the best luggage combos. By clicking on the links, you can choose the specific pieces you need for your travels and add on as your years and miles traveled together increase.

1. Samsonite 4-Piece Matching Luggage Set

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One of the best known names in luggage, Samsonite's a dependable luggage brand that has a number of different collections, from spinners to hard-sided case. If you're just starting out, I recommend getting two matching uprights (26" and 22"), a travel tote, and a toiletry kit. It would work for a couple traveling for up to five days to a tropical climate where light clothing and bathing suits are primarily worn.

2. Britto Matching 4-Piece Spinner Luggage Set

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This is one matching luggage set no one will mistake for theirs on the carousel. Bold and beautiful, the Britto set features a pop-art patchwork design on a polycarbonate shell and equally eye-popping interiors. Pieces include a 12" beauty case and 20", 24", and 28" spinner suitcases which make transporting even the heaviest loads a breeze. An additional feature I especially like is the built-in three digit TSA lock, so you'll never go searching for lost locks again.

3. Diane Von Furstenberg Matching Luggage Set

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Leave it to Diane to design luggage that's actually sexy. Eye-catching in orange or plum, her Modern Tile matching set includes three expandable spinner suitcases measuring 20" and 24" and 28" as well as a 15" tote bag, a 19" overnighter, and a 20" wheeled city bag. They're the perfect items that say, "We're going places, baby!"

4. Traveler's Choice 3-Piece Hardside Matching Luggage Set

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This sturdy 3-piece matching luggage set offers more than meets the eye. Most importantly, all of the cases are flexible and scratch-resistant hard-shell spinners that are guaranteed for six years. Lined, well-organized interiors with elastic tie-downs and an organizational divider on the three expandable uprights help gear in place. Order the set in in a color, to stand out from all the black luggage on the carousel.
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5. Heys 3-Piece Spinner Luggage Sets

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If you've ever traveled with a spinner suitcase, you already know how much easier they are to transport than regular luggage, even sets with wheels. Heys' stylish 3-piece matching sets contain 28", 24", and 20" uprights and has a hard exterior to protect your valuables. And the built-in TSA combination lock adds to your security.
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6. American Flyer 4-Piece Matching Luggage Set

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Whether you're heading for Florence, Italy... Florence, South Carolina... your Aunt Florence's house... or anywhere else, you'll roll in style if you pack your belongings inside this set of matched spinner (four-wheel) luggage. It's much easier to handle than conventional two-wheel suitcases and has more outside pockets than most other sets of matching luggage have inside. Set comes in brown and two unmistakable prints and includes wheeled 29", 25", and 21" uprights and a 16" duffel.
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7. Rockland Spinner Luggage Sets

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Leaving on a weeklong honeymoon or romantic getaway? Rockland luggage offers a variety of cheap matched sets that include upright spinner suitcases, a boarding bag and a utility bag to tuck inside. Keep one of the uprights each, and share the third, which can be used as a carry-on. It's good practice for marriage.
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