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Top 7 Rolling Duffel Bags


If you're heading out for a long trip, no other type of luggage beats a rolling duffel bag for capacity and convenience. There's plenty of room for your belongings, your partner's, and all the stuff you find along the way and can't resist taking home. Look for ones with a wide opening for easy access into the bag and separate compartments to stow shoes and dirty laundry.

1. Eagle Creek HC2 Hovercraft 30" Wheeled Duffel

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Strong yet lightweight, Eagle Creek's 30" x 17" x 12" HC2 Hovercraft is sleek and solidly built. The duffel's "off-road" wheels provide a smooth ride over terrains rougher than an airport floor. And exterior compression straps keep the load inside this rolling duffel secured. I also like Eagle Creek's "No-Matter-What" policy: If the luggage is ever damaged, the manufacturer will repair or replace it free of charge.

2. Travelpro Maxlite2 30" Rolling Duffel

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One of the sleekest rolling duffel bags around, this 30" x 15" x 14" model from Travelpro is light and tight. The zippered compartment on the side is handy for packing last-minute items and things you want to access as soon as you exit a plane, such as a winter coat for the trip home. Roomy and well-constructed, the center compartment can hold a large amount of gear.

3. Briggs & Riley 27" Wheeled Duffel

This sturdy and well-structured rolling duffel has a main compartment as well as a water-resistant bottom good for storing wet suits, boots, and toiletries you don't want to spill. Thanks to tilt-resistant wheels, it's extra stable. Available in red, black and brown. Measures 27 x 16 x 13.

4. Delsey 28" Superlite Duffel

If you like to travel light — and that includes the price as well as the weight of your luggage — this affordable, 6-pound Dura-Tec wheeled duffel from Delsey won't create much of a burden. Available in blue and black, its self-repairing zippers create weather-tight seams.

5. Tumi Alpha 30" Wheeled Duffel

I like my rolling duffels the way I like my men: Big, strong, and able to stand up to whatever circumstances throw at them. If quality, durability, and style are equally important you to -- and you aren't willing to sacrifice any of those qualities, then Tumi's extra large rolling duffel ought to be your first choice. It measures 30.25 x 15 x 14 and offers a multitude of pockets, easy access from the top, and Tumi's valuable tracer protection and warranty.

6. Vera Bradley Rolling 22" Duffel

Frankly feminine and scaled down for smaller travelers, this Vera Bradley rolling duffel uses a pretty quilted cotton print, then covers it in Dupont Teflon to protect it from dirt. Measuring 22" x 12" x 11", the duffel weighs 5 pounds. Its lined interior contains a hanging zippered pocket to hold smaller things.

7. Samsonite Casual 36" Wheeled Duffel

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Traveling for a while and need more room? The biggest wheeled duffel made by Samsonite, this well-designed, 36" x 16" x 16.5" bag may do the trick. What you need to caution against, though, is putting too much weight in it. Airlines have weight restrictions on baggage, so know before you go -- and use a luggage scale before you go to the airport to make sure you're not "overweight."
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