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Luggage advice for couples.

Before You Buy Luggage, Read This
Buy luggage before embarking on a honeymoon or big vacation as long as you need it. Find out where to buy luggage and what kind of luggage to buy.

When Only One Carry-on Bag is Allowed
When all an airline permits you to carry is one carry-on bag, make it the most useful one you can buy.

A-to-Z Packing List
Smart advice on what to pack, plus where you can buy the things you need online.

Flying with Luggage Tips
Knowing and abiding by the latest airline baggage rules, regulations, and fees can help to make your journey go more smoothly. Use the following tips on flying with luggage to find out what you need to know to travel like a pro.

Carry-on Size and Weight Limits
Carry-on bags are subject to size and weight limits. Find out here how much luggage you can carry on a specific airline.

Spinner Suitcases
The spinner suitcase is the biggest luggage innovation since some travel savant attached a set of inline wheels to a standard suitcase and travelers the world over got rolling.

Big Suitcases
Traveling together for a week or longer? A big suitcase can consolidate most of your gear. Read on to learn how big you can buy without being charged a penalty by your airline.

Garment Bags
Discover the newest wrinkles in garment bag luggage.

Tote Bags
Find a travel tote bag to buy that suits your lifestyle and needs such as safety, capacity, or style.

Carry-on Bags
Find a travel bag to buy that suits your lifestyle and needs. Each of these is suitable to carry onboard an airplane or use as everyday personal luggage.

Designer Luggage
When it's time to bring more style to your baggage, consider designer luggage.

Matching Luggage Sets
When it's time to bring more personal baggage into your relationship, consider a matched set of luggage.

Rolling Duffel Bags
Planning a long trip? No other piece of luggage offers such capacity and convenience.

Backpacks for Women
Fashionable backpacks as luggage for women.

Camera Bags
Where to safely carry your camera -- and other necessities -- when you travel.

Cosmetic & Makeup Cases for Travel
Cosmetic bags and makeup cases are considered by some women who travel to be the most essential component of their luggage.

Tumi Luggage
Advantages of collecting and using Tumi luggage.

Top 7 iPad Travel Cases
The iPad has become a desirable tool among those who travel, and in many cases it's replaced the need to tote a laptop computer. Yet travel...

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