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Top 8 Sex DVDs


Sex DVDs are one of the lightest items to slip into your luggage, and also they can be one of the most important on a romantic getaway. More and more fine hotels have replaced their VCRs with DVD machines. The following sex DVDs are ideal for couples to watch together on vacation.

1) The Better Sex Video Series - Vol. 1

First in a series of three informational sex videos, which are also available in DVD format. The experts at the Sinclair Intimacy Institute act as the viewer's guide as real-life couples demonstrate creative techniques for getting the most out of lovemaking.
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2) Loving Sex - Ultimate Massage DVD

Uninhibited Tina and Al show demonstrate erotic massage techniques in this sex DVD.
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3) Loving Sex - More of What Women Want DVD

Dr. Lonnie Barbach narrates this sex video that addresses women's sexual response, what they like and dislike in bed, and the touches that turn them on. Couples demonstrate successful techniques in this sex DVD.
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4) Kama Sutra: The Sensual Art of Lovemaking DVD

This instructional two-DVD set focuses on sex positions that satisfy, as inspired by the Kama Sutra, the centuries-old love and sex manual.
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5) Candida Royalle Collection

Candida Royalle is known for her female-friendly sex DVDs (they actually have plots and performers who can act!). This site links to Adam & Eve, where her sex DVD canon is described and can be ordered discreetly.

6) Playboy's Best Kept Sex Secrets DVD

This is one of those sex DVDs that is both titillating and informative. It's geared to helping a man learn to be more successful at pleasing his woman in bed.
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7) Sexcetera: Playboy's World of Sex DVD

If you enjoy reality TV, you'll find Sexcetera: Playboy's World of Sex DVD interesting. The camera unveils a variety of explicit sex activities, from strippers to bondage.
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8) Sex and the City DVDs: The Complete Seasons 

Follow the sex and love lives of Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, and Samantha in this series of sex DVDs that capture five years of adventures. Funny and sexy, these DVDs are great for watching together.
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