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The Athenaeum Hotel in London


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Destination Weddings and Honeymoons at the Athenaeum
The Athenaeum Hotel in London

An intimate wedding banquet at The Athenaeum.

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The Athenaeum has a civil license to conduct wedding ceremonies. They can arrange for someone from the local council to come and perform the service.

For more information, see Getting Married in the United Kingdom.

There are no set packages at the hotel for weddings; arrangements are made individually, depending upon the couple’s tastes and preferences. The Athenaeum can accommodate 60 for a sit-down dinner and 100 for a cocktail party.

Very popular are “Girls Night Out” bachelorette parties that generally include afternoon tea, spa and hair salon treatments, and canapés in the room.

As for honeymoons...

Champagne and breakfast in bed? Rose petals? Candles? Strawberries dipped in chocolate? The Athenaeum is accommodating to requests and welcomes discussion.

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