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Fairmont Hotels

Luxury Hotels that Carry the Fairmont Name


Fairmont Hotels

Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac in Quebec City.

Susan Breslow Sardone. Le Château Frontenac

Overlooking the St. Lawrence River, Le Château Frontenac is a century-old architectural treasure.

(c) Vincent Sardone.

Fairmont Hotels & Resorts is the largest luxury hotel company in North America, with a distinctive collection and a worldwide reputation for excellence. Its diverse portfolio includes historic icons, elegant resorts, and modern city center properties.

Most Fairmont hotels were among the first buildings to be erected in young cities across North America. Many were originally flagged Canadian Pacific hotels, built to provide luxurious places to pause along the railway line.

To this day, hotels under the Fairmont banner offer guests an extraordinary setting that combines unique architecture and structure, expressive decor and artistry, and magnificent features all in one great location.

Fairmont Hotels' current portfolio consists of 88 luxury and first class properties in Canada, the United States, Mexico, Bermuda, Barbados and the United Arab Emirates. Fairmont has recently introduced the Willow Stream spa brand in a number of its resort properties.

Noteworthy Fairmont Hotels:


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