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Sexy Thong Lingerie

Choosing to Wear a Thong on Your Honeymoon or Romantic Getaway


A thong is one of the smallest lingerie items you can wear or pack for a romantic getaway. A thin strip of fabric in the back and a patch in the front, a thong isn't especially comfortable... but it is sexy. If your partner responds to visual stimulation (and few males don't), wearing a thong can be arousing for both of you. On this page find out where you can buy sexy thong panties discreetly online. And since they're so tiny, make sure you don't forget to pack them!

1. Hanky Panky: "I DO" Low-Rise Crystal Thong

© Bare Necessities.

Sweet and lowdown, this entire thong is made of ultrasheer white stretch lace. And with "I Do" spelled out in rhinestones on the hip, it's perfect for the bride on her honeymoon.

2. Jezebel Caress Thong

© Bare Necessities.
How can a thong look pure and sexy at the same time? The scalloped white lace in the front of the thong is reminiscent of a beautiful bridal gown while the daringly low rise and saucy back lace on the back of the thong says, I'm ready to start the seduction.

3. High on the Hip Thong

© Figleaves.
Cut for maximum sex appeal, this cotton-lace Bahia thong is available in white, black, and sultry red.

4. Commando Low Rise Thong

© Bare Necessities.
Measuring just 3.5 inches in front, this v-shaped stretch microfiber thong is designed to eliminate a panty line by lying flat against the skin. The thong comes in a variety of colors including Birthday Suit, Buck Naked Nude, and Baby Got Black.

5. Cosabella Microfiber Thong

© Bare Necessities.
Soft as silk yet easy to wash, this modern thong is sleek under clothing since it's sewn with flat seams.

6. Betsey Johnson Low-Rise Wedding Thong

© Nordstrom.
Each color has a bridal-appropriate icon: The pink has "I Do" spelled out in rhinestones. The pale blue reads "Mrs." And the white has a facsimile of a diamond ring.

7. Jezebel Wild Thing Thong

One of the smallest and sexiest thongs around, this one features a wild animal print, side straps, and lace where it counts.

8. Rose Skirted Thong

© Figleaves.
Underwear that's pretty in pink, this fancy thong is made from a rose print with an overlay of a tiny lace skirt enclosed with a bow.

9. Betsey Johnson Colorful Lace Thong

© Nordstrom.
Stretch lace in black, hot pink, or demure pink on this low-rise thong bear tiny rhinestones at the hip.

10. A Thong in the Color of Your Choice

© Nordstrom.
From virginal white to diva blue, there's a color in a stretch-lace thong that will please. Why not get one in every color, and have him guess what you're wearing each day?

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