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Top 8 Diamond Heart Jewelry Selections for Her


If you want to melt a heart, there's nothing like bestowing a jeweled one that is mounted with a diamond... or two... or more. Diamond jewelry sparkles in the light, reminding the wearer of the person who gave it to her each time it scintillates.

A diamond heart carries with it a message of love and affection that lasts long after the occasion when the jewelry is given. These are among the prettiest diamond heart designs I've found available at online jewelry stores.

1. Open Heart Diamond Pendant

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Beautiful in its simplicity and symmetry, this pendant features a simple heart outlined in nearly a full carat of diamonds. And the symbolism of the open heart formed by diamonds speaks volumes of the love the giver has for the recipient. The gold chain is available in or white 14k gold with an 18 inch chain.

2. Diamond Heart-in-Heart Pendant

Symbolizing two hearts in one, this 18k white gold pendant communicates a relationship that is a true sharing of souls and hearts. And the .25 carats of diamonds they share mean there's a lot of spark between the loving giver and the lucky receiver.

3. Two-Color Double Heart Pendant

Two colors of shiny, valuable gold combine in this pretty filigree design. Approximately .10 carats of diamonds are featured in white gold and the other in rose gold. They're suspended on a 16" gold chain.

4. Affordable Diamond Heart Pendant

It's hard to believe that you can get a genuine diamond heart pendant for under $400, but this tiny beautiful makes it possible. Suspended from a 14k gold chain, this little sparkler is available in yellow or white gold.

5. Pavé Diamond Heart Pendant

Paved in nearly a half-carat of diamonds, this heart pendant set in white gold has a lot of sparkle to show.

6. Diamond Heart Earrings

Want a pair of diamond heart earrings to match the a lovely diamond heart necklace? These heart shaped beauties will turn heads, whether worn with a pendant or alone. This secure-back style is only for wearers with pierced ears -- as it should be: Losing one would break a heart!

7. Diamond Drop Earrings

I love this pair because of the dangling diamond heart. They are available in both yellow and white 14k gold (hint: choose white gold over yellow, as makes it look as if there are more diamonds!)

8. PriceGrabber Diamond Heart Pendants

PriceGrabber surfs the Web for diamond heart pendants at all price points. Inexpensive ones generally contain smaller diamonds of lesser quality and are mounted on thinner and less precious metal, such as 14k rather than 18k gold. If you have any question about the quality of a cheap heart pendant online, be sure to check the seller's return policy before buying.
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