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Myojinkan Ryokan in Japan


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Myojinkan in a Nutshell
Myojinkan Ryokan in Japan
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A high-altitude escape from Tokyo's crowds and clamor, Myojinkan is a family-owned, four-seasons mountain lodge that offers guests a choice of four onsen (hot springs) to bathe in.

Opened in 1931 and affiliated with Relais & Chateaux, Myojinkan is unique among ryokans (traditional country inns) in that it offers guests multiple choices in dining as well as accommodations and bathing areas.

Consistent with the facility's emphasis on well-being, it has earned a Green Key eco rating. Myojinkan's structures are all made of real wood rather than plywood; charcoal under the floors helps to purify the environment; and an organic garden stocks the kitchen.

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