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Gora Kadan Ryokan in Japan


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Gora Kadan in a Nutshell
Gora Kadan Ryokan in Japan

Gora Kadan is built on five levels. All except the top lobby level (shown) are reachable by elevator. Below it are guest rooms, restaurants, onsen, the swimming pool, fitness room, and karaoke bar.

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Gora Kadan, a Relais & Chateaux ryokan (country inn) three hours south of Tokyo, is not only considered one of the finest properties in Japan; it has been called one of the top five hotels in all of Asia.

The inn's modern Japanese architecture, which features long open corridors built with wood, concrete, and cool tile, frames views of scenic green hills as if they were art. Everywhere there is balance, harmony, order, beauty.

First opened in 1989, Gora Kadan has the look and amenities of a traditional Japanese onsen (hot-springs bathing facility) combined with many comforts of the West. During the steamy typhoon season (which extends from the end of August through September), in-room air conditioning is a blessing.

Guests, save for those who already travel with a personal butler or manservant, will find the level of service at Gora Kadan extraordinary; it's part of what makes it such an exceptional property.

Upon your arrival, your housekeeper will come out to meet you, carry your bags, acquaint you with the room (and keep it tidy), care for your basic needs until your departure, and serve all of your meals, bowing humbly each time he enters or exits from your presence.

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