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Top 5 Cheap Honeymoon Ideas

Go for Broke


When times are tough and money is tight, couples look for cheap honeymoon ideas -- or consider skipping the honeymoon altogether. If you have to choose between taking a dirt-cheap honeymoon or no honeymoon at all, these ideas can get you going.

1. Become Wwoofers

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WWOOF stands for World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms, and couples who have a love of the outdoors and don't mind doing about four hours of work daily can have a cheap farm honeymoon. The idea is that in exchange for volunteering you receive food, a place to stay, and the opportunity to learn about organic living. There are WWOOF hosts all over the world, and all you need to spend your honeymoon money on is transportation.

2. Go Camping

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If the two of you love the outdoors but would rather not do much work beyond pitching a tent and making a fire, camping is a good idea for a cheap honeymoon. The major expenses will be transportation, camping supplies, campground fees, and food that you cook yourself or eat in restaurants. My colleague at Camping from About.com focuses exclusively on this topic and has tips on everything from gear to campsites to help you plan a honeymoon where you can rough it.

3. Sleep on the Train

The Alps
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It's not the most comfortable way to travel on your honeymoon, but you can avoid the cost of a hotel by taking overnight trains. I don't advise you to use this idea for cheap lodging every night; you'll soon crave a shower and a soft bed. But it's a way to lengthen your honeymoon without adding the cost of extra hotel room nights.

4. Swap Homes

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Another idea for a cheap honeymoon is for you to swap where you live with a couple in another city or country. That way, you don't have to spend on lodging, just food and travel. Home Exchange is one of the best-known companies that enables couples to swap online. If you happen to live in a desirable place, you shouldn't have much trouble finding another couple or family to reserve your home while you get out of town. Home Exchange does charge a membership fee. You can also look for cheap vacation rentals on Craigslist and hook up with others at Couchsurfing.

5. Hole up in a Hostel

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If your idea of a hostel consists of a dormitory-like room with bunk beds and a toilet down the hall, that's obviously no place to honeymoon. Fortunately, my colleague at Student Travel from About.com can set you straight. She's located private hostel rooms for two from San Francisco to London to Melbourne. They'll cost a bit more that standard hostel accommodations, but still are cheaper than a hotel room.
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