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Travel for Less

Save Money on a Vacation


Travel for Less

You don't have to break the bank to take a break. Hotel Indigo is one of the new brands of chic, affordable hotels.

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Even when money is tight, couples have no less urge or need for travel. Fortunately, you don't have to defer your dreams if you know how to travel for less.

Whether you don't have the heart to postpone your honeymoon... know that a romantic getaway will restore the balance in your relationship... or simply need a break, these tips can show you how to travel for less without sacrificing fun, style, or romance.

Smart Travel for Less

Ready to go? Start to save by finding out what frugal travelers already know:

Fly for Less

Airfare and accommodations are usually the two most expensive items in a travel budget. These tips can guide you to saving money and experiencing less travel stress.

Stay for Less

Don't forgo fabulous digs when you travel for less! Follow these smart ways to look for and book hotel rooms perfect for romance:

Weekends for Less

Couples who can't afford a long vacation may still be able to fund a memorable weekend. Save travel time and gas money by picking a location close to home. Or take advantage of last-minute travel deals — as long as you know what to expect.

Trips for Less

Knowing what a trip will cost in advance can be a huge asset when you're watching every penny. Consider vacationing at either an all-inclusive or taking a cruise, which furnish food, accommodations, entertainment, and more for one price. Another idea: Plan your trip around attending a state fair. Admission is quite affordable, but there's no cap on fun.

Deals for Less

Across the Web I'll show you where can find auctions, contests, and travel bargains designed to help you travel for less. So start checking these out and get going soon!
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