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Easy Does It: Travel the Cheap and "Easy" Way

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Easy Does It: Travel the Cheap and

Sit tight and save $$ flying EasyJet in Europe.

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If need to travel cheaply - really bare-bones, no-frills, we-got-love-but-we-ain't-got-money cheaply - and aren't claustrophobic, it's worth your while to become acquainted with Easy Group travel offerings.


Low-cost Easy Jet, the first of the group's companies, launched in London in 1995. By 2006, Easy Jet flights landed in 72 European airports. While Easy Jet has no cheap transcontinental flights to America, Easy Jet provides ample opportunities to fly cheaply within Europe.

What Do You Sacrifice with EasyJet?
Space. About half the Easy Jet fleet consists of Boeing 737s, which have some of the narrowest and most uncomfortable seats aloft. Easy Jet's hub is Luton Airport in London, which mainly services low-cost airlines - so connections could be a challenge.

Another way Easy Jet manages to control costs is that it charges for food on board rather than serving it for free. Easy Jet food, drink, and snack prices are reasonable and tax-free, making edibles cheaper in the air than in the airport.


On an Easy Cruise, the ship stays in port every night of its weeklong journey, giving passengers the option of going ashore or to staying on board. Itineraries include the French and Italian rivieras, Holland, Belgium, and the Caribbean.

Couples can board and disembark an Easy Cruise anywhere along the way as long as they stay aboard at least two nights. Its Creamsicle-colored cabins are available in standard, quad (double-decker), and suite configurations. Suites feature a sliding door to a private balcony.

Easy Cruise facilities include an outdoor bar, indoor sports bar, coffee bar, and gym.

Additional 500-passenger Easy Cruise ships are under construction now and destined to ply waters off the Greek islands and Dubai and call at Mediterranean, Caribbean, Florida, Bahamas and Dubai ports.

What Do You Sacrifice with EasyCruise?
Space. Standard cabins have no window. Cabins with a window measure under 33 square feet. Suites are 79 square feet. (For comparison, an inside stateroom on a Carnival Cruise, the smallest available, is 185 square feet.) Orange headboards are enblazoned with a huge and tacky "EasyCruise.com." You must pay if you want your cabin or bathroom cleaned or request a change of towels or linens. Meals, which are low-cost, are only available from the sports bar. Snacks are available at the coffee bar.

EasyCruise Update
According to Budget Travel Online, "After customer feedback, they're getting a makeover. Instead of the blinding orange exterior, vessels will be gray with orange trim and will feature a more streamlined, boomerang-shaped logo. The cabins are also getting a toned-down color scheme, and all cabins on EasyCruiseOne will be fitted with windows. A large canopied sundeck with two hot tubs and a revamped café, bar, and restaurant are also in the works."


The first Easy Hotel opened in London August 1, 2005 and was followed by a franchised Easy Hotel in Basel, Switzerland. A year later, there were three Easy Hotels in the British capital. The concept of providing a clean, exceptionally tiny space with a double bed for a small amount of money ($55 in 2006) has proven popular with people who can not afford to spend more. Easy Hotel rooms include a private shower, sink, and toilet. Within the next five years, Easy Hotels will be opening in the Middle East, India, and North Africa.

What Do You Sacrifice with EasyHotel?
Space. The Easy Hotel in London offers guests a choice of rooms that measure 60, 70 or 80 square feet. The smallest rooms are windowless. There is a flatscreen TV in every Easy Hotel room, but there is an additional fee to use the remote control. One towel is provided per person. Extra towels and housekeeping services are additional. There is a maximum number of nights guests can stay, which discourages homeless people from settling in. No pets, no smoking, no laundry, no telephone, no gym, no restaurant, no minibar, no pool, no closet, no hairdryers, no elevator. And no tasteful decor: What isn't white in the decor, is bright orange.

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