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Cheapest Months to Travel

Go Where You Want and Still Save


Young Couple taking picture by golden gate bridge

San Francisco is lovely most of the year.

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Even if funds are low and you need to travel on the cheap, you can still visit some of the most popular destinations in the world and have an unforgettable honeymoon or romantic getaway.

How's that? In travel, like love, timing is everything.

January is the Cheapest Time to Visit...

  • New York, NY - the crowds have done but the sales are on!
  • San Francisco, CA - post-New Year's, you can celebrate without the crowds
  • Washington, DC - outdoors may be chilly, but there's so much to see indoors this month
February is the Cheapest Time to Visit...
  • Ireland - yes, it's likely to be cold -- but that's what those thick Aran sweaters are for!
  • Netherlands - a city where there's great art to see indoors on a cheap holiday
  • San Antonio, TX - regardless of the month, it's always festive here and a great destination for an inexpensive honeymoon
March is the Cheapest Time to Visit...
  • Los Angeles - expect smaller crowds at the bigger attractions
  • Italy - although the weather can be dicey this month, it can be worth the trip for the money you'll save over high summer rates
  • Spain - Madrid will be chilly, but coastal destinations -- Valencia, Barcelona, Seville -- enjoy warmer temperatures
April is the Cheapest Time to Visit...
  • Jamaica - rates traditionally drop around April 15
  • Asheville, NC - a great time to pick up some new furniture if you pass through High Point
  • Charlotte, NC
May is the Cheapest Time to Visit...
  • Hawaii - popular year round, Hawaii is cheapest right before the peak of wedding and honeymoon season
  • Washington State - it's still cool here, and perhaps rainy
  • Atlanta
- Georgia's largest city is comfortably warm for some couples, already too hot for others June is the Cheapest Time to Visit...
  • Phoenix - this is the month they start talking about frying eggs on the sidewalk -- for those willing to venture outside
  • Utah - score some cheap rates at ski areas like the great Park City
  • Albuquerque
July is the Cheapest Time to Visit...
  • Tucson - hot and dry
  • Memphis - hot and humid
  • El Paso - muy caliente on the Mexican border
August is the Cheapest Time to Visit...
  • Las Vegas, NV - yes, it's a dry heat. And yes, you can expect temps over 100
  • Killington, VT - pre-ski season, the rates are as inexpensive as you can find
  • Kansas City, MO
September is the Cheapest Time to Visit...
  • Japan - depending on where you go in the country, temperatures range from cool and comfortable to sticky and sweltering
  • New Orleans - go for the food, the music, the fun, but not the weather
  • Orlando - kids are back in school, so this is the best and cheapest month for adults to enjoy the attractions without being swarmed
October is the Cheapest Time to Visit...
  • St Martin - it's hurricane season -- but that doesn't mean it rains every day
  • Costa Rica - weather can be surprisingly temperate in higher elevations
  • Breckenridge, CO
November is the Cheapest Time to Visit... December is the Cheapest Time to Visit...
  • Napa-Sonoma, CA - cheap and plentiful wines will warm you
  • Germany - if you don't mind the cold, Germany's Christmas markets are a good place to pick up cheap gifts on your travels
  • Greece - seek out the sun-drenched isles
The people at CheapTickets, an online travel agency dedicated to budget-conscious travelers, determined the least expensive times to tour these top spots. Go off season, and you can score significantly cheaper airfares. Hotel room rates will be lower, too.

What do you sacrifice with cheap travel? You won't be able to enjoy a ski resort when it's covered with snow; you'll have to visit in summer. And it helps if the heat doesn't bother you, since that's the time when it is cheapest to travel to places such as Phoenix, Albuquerque, and Las Vegas.

If you can appreciate a place before the crowds arrive or after they have moved on, and you don't mind taking your trip during the off season, you can save as much as 50 percent by visiting these places in the specified months.


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