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Ideas for saving money and inexpensive trips where you can travel cheaply and your vacation budget will go farther.
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Affordable Honeymoon Ideas
Three ideas that can put a great post-wedding trip within the reach of even cash-strapped couples.

Affordable Honeymoon Locations
The majority of locations that offer an affordable honeymoon are in places that are hot, sunny, and ideal for a honeymoon.

Camping Honeymoon
Advice on planning a camping honeymoon.

Cheap Honeymoon Ideas
If you have to choose between taking a dirt-cheap honeymoon or no honeymoon at all, here are ideas to get you going.

10 Ways to Save Money on Your Honeymoon
Great ideas for how to spend less on a honeymoon and enjoy it just as much.

Cheapest Months to Travel
Go where you want and save a bundle by traveling in the off season. Month-by-month list details the most inexpensive time to visit dozens of popular places.

Smart Ways to Travel for Less
Strategies for saving money without sacrificing fun, style, or romance.

Find Luxury Hotel Rooms for Less
Even if your budget is tight, you needn't spend it in a cheap hotel. So shop around, and see just how affordable luxury hotel rooms are at the following sites.

Hip Budget Hotels
Find out about the new crop of hip, boutique budget hotels. They are the high-tech, low-cost alternative to high-cost, low-tech hotels.

How to Get Fare Deals
Find out how to get cheap...cheaper...the cheapest deals on air fares.

Low-Cost Airlines
They don't fly everywhere the Big Six do, but if they're going your way, you're in for a bargain.

Travel the Cheap and Easy Way
If your only choice is "travel cheaply" or "don't travel at all," acquaint yourselves with the inexpensive Easy Group travel offerings: easyJet, easyCruise, easyHotel, easyCar, and easyBus.

Buenos Aires, Argentina
Looking for a charming, cosmopolitan city that's downright cheap? Consider Buenos Aires in Argentina and read this exclusive interview with Michael Luongo, author of Frommer's Buenos Aires guidebook, to learn more about the destination.

Glamorous and inexpensive, a casino-hotel stay makes for an ideal inexpensive getaway.

Eloping: Is it for You?
Interview with author of "Beyond Vegas: 25 Exotic Wedding and Elopement Destinations Around the World." Plus: 5 Great Reasons to Elope.

How to Make the Most Out of a Hotel Stay
Tips on making every moment count.

Your Vacation Travel Budget
How to spend your dollars wisely.

State Fairs
Come to the fair -- for the fun, the food, the livestock, the rides, the games, the music...and the magic. Find a state-by-state fair directory here.

Yes, You Can Afford a Cruise
Tips for finding the best-priced cruises online...and then saving money on-board.

Cheap Vacation and Honeymoon Ideas
Readers supply ideas for a cheap vacation.

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