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Taj Mahal Palace & Tower


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What to Expect at The Taj Mahal Palace & Tower
Taj Mahal Palace & Tower
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India has long fascinated Westerners with its regal history, its Hindu faith, its exotic food, and its love of color. Perhaps “Incredible India” has already reeled you in, and you are planning an unforgettable honeymoon or travel adventure.

Still, India presents challenges along with rewards. It is far away, vast, crowded, and not always comfortable.

And the Subcontinent presents numerous travel decisions: Do visitors take off at least a month and see the whole country, or go for a couple of weeks and concentrate on one region? Do they see the capital, New Delhi, or the cultural powerhouse, Mumbai? What about the Taj Mahal and/or gorgeous beachfront Goa? Or the white palaces of Rajasthan, rising above mountain lakes? Do they see India the carefree hippie way, staying in guesthouses or do they pamper themselves with deluxe digs?

When visitors opt for Mumbai and luxury, the destination is the Taj Mahal Palace & Tower.

Surrounded by the mesmerizing metropolis of Mumbai—once known as Bombay—the Taj is a destination in itself, a fabled grand hotel on the order of the Ritz in Paris or the Dorchester in London. The Taj inhabits a legend that guests are a part of during their stay.

The hotel is named after the palatial, everlasting symbol of love set in Agra over 700 miles to the north. But The Taj Mahal Palace & Tower hotel is almost as romantic, with graceful design, commanding views, and a lore all its own.

The Taj Mahal Palace & Tower is set beside the landmark Gateway to India monument, and is itself a highlight of Mumbai’s skyline.

Taj rooms are ultra-expensive and traditionally decorated. Luxury services and restaurants abound. The Taj’s palm tree-ringed pool makes chaise-sitters feel like celebrities, and the buzzing lobby is the place to see and be seen in Mumbai.

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