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How Much to Tip a Butler

Know How Much to Tip a Butler and How to Do It


How Much to Tip a Butler

Butler on Azamara Club Cruises services a number of rooms.

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If you've ever wondered how much to tip a butler, it may be because you encountered one at a luxury hotel or resort.

Until recently, butlers worked in the home for upper-crust individuals and families and provided personal services as needed. Today some high-end resorts assign a butler to guests who may never before encountered one and wonder how to tip.

How much to tip your butler can depend on the number and quality of service provided, plus whether the butler worked for you exclusively or served multiple guests.

What Does a Hotel Butler Do?
A hotel butler perform services that free guests to spend more time enjoying their vacation. Butler services at a hotel or resort can include:

  • Carrying bags
  • Unpacking luggage (and re-packing before you leave)
  • Orienting guests to the facility
  • Making reservations
  • Delivering room-service food
  • Making reservations
  • Coordinating spa services and excursions
  • Drawing your bath
  • Setting out a turndown amenity
In addition, some hotels and resorts have task-specific butlers, such as technology butlers and pool butlers (who bring drinks, towels, and can be pressed into service to apply sun protection).

What to Tip the Butler
It is considered standard, for a butler who provides good service, to tip 5% of the room rate. For example, if you stay at a place that costs $250 per night for four nights, the total room rate would be $1,000. The butler's share would be $50.

That said, how much you tip your butler is ultimately up to your discretion.

How to Deliver a Tip to the Butler
It's fine to hand a cash tip directly to your butler. It's even nicer if you put it in an envelope with a note of thanks. If he or she is not available when you check out, leave a sealed envelope for the butler at the front desk.

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