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Continental Plan


Continental Plan

Coffee, a newspaper, and a croissant to start the day.

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The Continental Plan, sometimes abbreviated as CP in hotel listings, indicates that the quoted rate includes a continental breakfast.

A continental breakfast normally consists of coffee or tea, juice, and bread. The bread may be as simple as a loaf or as appealing as a basket of freshly baked croissants, scones, and muffins. At some facilities, yogurt and fresh fruit may also be available. The Continental Plan breakfast does not include cooked foods, such as pancakes or eggs.

Under the continental plan, diners often find breakfast is self-serve, although many hotels have a waiter available to pour and refill beverages.

Although there is no fee for breakfast when you stay in a hotel on this plan, it's considerate to leave a small tip if you've been served by a waiter. Aside from breakfast, all other food provided by the hotel is billed.

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