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Surprise Honeymoon

After a Well-Planned Wedding, A Surprise Honeymoon


Surprise Honeymoon

Blindfold not required.

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What is a Surprise Honeymoon?
A surprise honeymoon is a honeymoon where one member of the couple selects the destination and makes the travel arrangements — transportation, lodging, activities — without sharing the details with his or her significant other until they depart.

Why Have a Surprise Honeymoon?
It's a fact that most couples enjoy planning their honeymoon together. Yet there are reasons why a surprise honeymoon can make sense. When a bride is deeply involved in wedding planning, the honeymoon is usually the last item on her priority list. The same isn't necessarily true for the groom.

In some couples the groom is "assigned" responsibility for honeymoon planning. In others, he assumes it — and then decides that the greatest gift he can bestow upon his bride is a surprise honeymoon where she doesn't have to worry about the trip beforehand.

Planning a Surprise Honeymoon
Helpful advice for those who can keep a secret.

1. Determine Where to Go
If you've already traveled together, think about where you've been and the locations you've loved most. Are you the kind of couple that revels in discovering new places? Or are you most comfortable in familiar places? Then you'll get an idea as to whether the bride is up for adventure or delights in the tried-and-true.

If you haven't traveled together, initiate a conversation. Find out whether the bride prefers beaches or mountains, cities or the countryside. Would she like to spend time in a place where there's lots to explore, or would she perhaps prefer an all-inclusive resort, where everything is provided?

2. Agree on the Dates
Do you want to leave for your honeymoon the same day as the wedding? The next day? The next week? Or some other time? You can't begin to make plans until you nail down both the exact day you want to depart and the length of time you expect to be gone.

3. Book the Surprise Honeymoon
Whether you decide to use a travel agent to arrange your surprise honeymoon or do it yourself with the help of a site like , you'll need to decide on the transportation and accommodations and make the reservations. Consider adding a honeymoon or romance package from the hotel that includes champagne, chocolate-covered strawberries, a rose-petal-strewn bed, and other sensual indulgences.

4. Manage Travel Documents
If your surprise honeymoon will take place overseas, you'll both need passports and perhaps visas. Make sure you have those documents in hand before leaving. And you'll also carry to take a copy of your itinerary, complete with reference and confirmation numbers for flights and hotels.

5. Pack for Two
Unless you have unlimited funds (to buy everything you need when you arrive) or are heading to a nude beach resort on your honeymoon, you're going to have to take responsibility for packing. That means making sure you have the right luggage and pack appropriate clothing and shoes for both of you. Use this vacation packing list to ensure that you don't forget anything critical (like birth control). Enlist the help of the bride's best friend or sister to help you select the right stuff to pack.

Surprise Honeymoon Tips

  • Pick a destination both of you will enjoy.
  • Do tell her when you've booked the honeymoon and give her the departure date. That's one less detail for her to worry about.
  • If you think she'd rather she pack herself, deliver a weather report that doesn't reveal the destination.
  • If you really want to keep your plans a surprise, store the info in a place she'd never look, like a folder labeled "fantasy football" on your computer.
  • Top off the surprise honeymoon with another surprise, a wedding-night gift.
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