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Honeymoon Planning Tips


Although the task of arranging a honeymoon can seem daunting if you haven't traveled much before, the Web makes planning easier than ever. Couples can find a wealth of information and guidance here. You can also discover tips on saving money on a honeymoon, guidance on what to pack, the best times to travel to a variety of places, and much more. Begin exploring below.
  1. Honeymoon Planning Basics
  2. Honeymoon Destinations
  3. Booking Your Honeymoon
  4. Love & Romance
  1. Saving Money on a Honeymoon
  2. Packing for Your Honeymoon
  3. Traveling Smart
  4. Vacation Weather

Honeymoon Planning Basics

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Everything you need for planning a honeymoon that's custom-made for the two of you.

Honeymoon Destinations

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You can honeymoon anywhere you like, of course, but there are certain places that are known more than others for grownup fun and romance. Here you can begin to find out more about legendary getaways and extraordinary places where couples choose to start their married life together.

Booking Your Honeymoon

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While it's true that you can take off on a whim and go anywhere the the wind leads you, that's not advisable for a honeymoon. Unless your time and funds are unlimited, you'll want to nail down where you will stay and how you will get yourselves there. Use the following tips to make planning honeymoon travel arrangements easier on yourselves.

Love & Romance

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What would a honeymoon or romantic getaway be without passion? The following features can help you fan the flames wherever you go.

Saving Money on a Honeymoon

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Every couple has a different honeymoon budget. Whether yours is small or vast, you will still want to get the most value when you travel. The following can help you spend less and enjoy more.

Packing for Your Honeymoon

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Whether you're going on an overnight honeymoon or one that lasts weeks (or longer!), you'll want to prepare for the occasion by packing the essentials. Since this will be your first official trip together as Mr. and Mrs, you may also want to make it special by including some items other vacationers do not. And if you need to start wedded life off with new luggage, this can help guide you to buy what you really need.

Traveling Smart

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Advice and resources to help you plan a honeymoon without making the mistakes that some first-timers fall prey to.

Vacation Weather

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One of the biggest concerns couples planning a honeymoon have is whether or not the weather will cooperate. Obviously, no one can foretell exactly what will happen in advance of a give day. But if you play the odds and know the best times to travel, the likelihood that your honeymoon will be ruined by a hurricane, heat wave, or other undesirable weather condition is diminished.

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