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Honeymoon Travel Resolutions


A New Year and an upcoming honeymoon bring with them the impulse to make resolutions to ensure a better trip and a better time together. Here are some resolutions you may want to consider. Be sure to add your own!

1. We'll Research Our Trip in Advance

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To get the most out of our time away, we'll figure out beforehand what the main things to see and do are. Researching romantic places will help us to decide ahead of time which of them we don't want to miss. That will give us even more to look forward to on the trip.

2. We'll Only Take as Much Luggage as We Need

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We won’t overpack (or at least we'll try not to!), so we have some room to bring treasures back in our luggage.

3. We'll Use Public Transportation

The Alps
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It's cheaper, it's better for the environment, and it gives us a chance to see and interact with the people who actually live where we'll just be visiting.

4. We'll Try New Foods

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We know that travel gives us the opportunity to experience all kinds of things we can't at home, and that includes sampling the cuisine of our destination.

5. We'll Take Lots of Pictures

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In addition to pictures, we'll try to save small souvenirs from every stop. They can be as small as a room key or a menu, but we want to remember every place we visit.

6. We'll Be Smart in Dutyfree Shops

diamond solitaire
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We won’t buy anything dutyfree unless we know what it costs back home. One of us will bring a pocket currency converter or use the calculator on our phone before we buy anything big.

7. We'll Each Allow the Other Some Private Time

Belize Mata Chica Hammock
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We realize that the honeymoon is the real start of our life together, and a lot of our new family traditions will start to be set on this trip. So we'll be respectful of one another and acknowledge that as much as we love one another, we're not identical twins and we don't always want to see and do the same things.

8. We Won't Call Home

... unless it's an emergency.

9. We'll Dress Like the Locals

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When in the center of a sophisticated city like Rome (or Paris or New York), we'll dress like the locals (no shorts, no fanny packs, no gimme caps) so we don't stick out like tourists.

10. We'll Leave Our Room at Least Once a Day

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