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Where Should I Go on My Honeymoon?

Explore the world of romance that awaits the two of you on your honeymoon.


Where Should I Go on My Honeymoon?
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In the midst of wedding planning the question arises: Where should I go on my honeymoon? It's the big reward awaiting at the end of the event. Knowing there's finally going to be time to be alone can get you through the most stressful periods.

If you're the person in the couple mainly responsible for honeymoon planning and wondering, "Where should I go on my honeymoon?"

WHOA. Stop. Right. Now.

Start thinking "Where should we go on our honeymoon?" It's good practice for marriage. Forgetting that there are two of you now is a mistake you don't want to make. My husband still reminds me about the time we went to the market and I came out with just one chocolate muffin. And it wasn't for him.

Plan Your Honeymoon Trip by Interest
Did you fall in love because you have so much in common and love to do the same things? If so, great. Nonetheless, you may have different expectations regarding when to go, how much you can afford to spend, and the length of time you can be away from home. These tools can help you to refine where to go and focus on your honeymoon style:

Plan Your Honeymoon Getaway Based on the Month or the Weather
No one wants their trip to be a washout (despite the fact you'll happily spend a fair amount of time in your room). So it makes sense to suss out the weather conditions before you go. You can find out the best places to go during every month of the year, plus lots of other info to help guide your decision. Plan Your Honeymoon Getaway Based on Accommodations
Do you know the difference between a motel and an inn? A resort and a ship's cabin? What's an all-inclusive? If your honeymoon represents one of the first times that you've traveled from home, understand the choices available to you. Plan Your Honeymoon Getaway Based on the Destination
This is the fun part. After all the discussions and now knowing when you want to go, the type of accommodations that will make you happiest, and what you'd like to spend your time doing on your honeymoon, it's time to pick a destination. The place where you will start to make the memories of your married life together.

In the USA
If you live in the United States, do you want to stay relatively close to home? If you don't live in the USA, is it your dream to honeymoon here? If you answer yes to either question, check out these recommendations for romantic places:

In the Tropics
Since some like it hot - and you may never be in better shape than on your honeymoon and eager to show off your bod - many couples choose beach vacations. These are among the most popular destinations. In Europe Everywhere Else

As much as I love to travel, I haven't been everywhere. So when a couple say they want to honeymoon in a place I haven't covered much, I first suggest that they use the search box at the top of my site. If nothing turns up, I recommend my colleagues at About.com Travel who specialize in exotic cities, countries, and continents around the globe.

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