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Honeymoon Questions

Questions Brides- and Grooms-to-Be Ask


Honeymoon Questions
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The Marriage Bed

Q: I'm going on a honeymoon in August and want a room that's not ordinary-looking. For instance the beds; the beds in a hotel are always the same. I want one that looks different. Can you suggest places where I can find that?

A: There are lots of places to find a beautiful room (and your instinct is right; the room is one of the most important aspects of a honeymoon). The more a resort prides itself on being unique and true to its location, the more likely you'll find a great bed in a non-cookie-cutter type of room.

At Christopher Place in TN, each room is different -- and exquisite. Beds on houseboats out of New Delhi sit on opulent Kashmiri carpets. And at Robert De Niro's Greenwich Hotel in New York City, all the bedding is by Dux, one of the most expensive and comfortable mattress systems in the world.

Traveling as Miss, Ms, or Mrs?

Q: I am planning on changing my name when I get married and have a question concerning international plane tickets. Mine are in my married name -- but my passport will be in my maiden name. Is it legal to travel this way as long as I carry a copy on my marriage certificate?

A: The passport office recommends amending your passport when you have your name changed on your other forms of identification (driver's license, etc.). If you have not had the name changed, then a copy of your marriage certificate will suffice until you have it amended. The Passport & Visa section links to downloadable forms. For more information, see Changing Your Name.

King to Castle

Q: Do you know of any place where a couple can stay in a castle?

A: There are many castles and monasteries that have been converted to inns throughout Europe. Dromoland Castle in Ireland has a charming cottage for two inside. Click to find more information on more castle hotels in Europe.

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