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Honeymoon Planning Tips for Grooms


When it comes to wedding planning, the groom’s role is limited. Taste the cake. Choose a cummerbund. Find a best man. That’s about it. Because brides plan weddings. Grooms plan honeymoons. But it’s no less vital a task. So you'd better get it right.

These are six things every groom should know before going on his honeymoon – tips that will help you create the perfect combination of amenities and activities and later bask in the limelight of your flawless choices. Your goal is to enjoy all the benefits while you're away and have your wife want to tell everyone what a fantastic job you did when you get home.

1. Find a location offering activities that you and your wife can enjoy equally.

If she’s looking forward to being pampered at the spa and you’re gearing up for some world-class sport fishing, try to make reservations at a destination that offers both. And always schedule these kinds of activities at least 3 months in advance, because at the best resorts they fill up quickly.

2. All hotels are not created equal.

Better does not necessarily mean more expensive. Find a list of amenities that’ll meet all of your demands at a fair price. Look for beach butlers, in-room soaking tubs, and fancy bed & bath items. Because when you blow her away with lavender soap, you’ll inevitably enjoy props for all the hard work.

3. Don't count on cabs.

Make sure to reserve transportation to and from the airport and for your dinner date or special event. Leaving small details like this to chance begs for the kind of trouble that can ruin your trip.

4. Make it special.

Special events are a big part of every honeymoon. From a romantic dinner to a luau, or just surprise gifts like bath bubbles and earrings, plan some things she’ll be dying to tell her friends about.

5. Know your limits.

More specifically, less experienced travelers who have never left the US shouldn’t plan to visit the remote corners of the world on their honeymoon without doing a ton of research. Stay within your comfort zone and you’ll enjoy your getaway even more.

6. Before you reserve anything, talk to your future wife about her ideal getaway.

There’s a big difference in relaxing at a winery and climbing Annapurna for two weeks. It’s also extremely important to research destinations and travel packages thoroughly. Make sure you know exactly what you want before laying down the cash.

In short, pre-game planning goes a long way. As the exclamation point on your wedding and a prelude to a wonderful life, it’s a tall task to book an unforgettable honeymoon. But just a little preparation and some helpful tips can take some of the legwork out of the planning and help lighten a very heavy load.

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