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Why Have a Honeymoon?

Reasons to Have a Honeymoon


Just Married

Just Married

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As your wedding approaches, you may be asking yourselves, why have a honeymoon? After all, a honeymoon is expensive, it takes you away from your "real" life, and it involves planning — when you may already feel overwhelmed by wedding details. No wonder that some couples decide not to have a honeymoon, or at least to delay theirs.

Yet there are valid and compelling reasons to organize a honeymoon and schedule it as close to your wedding as possible. These are some of the best reasons to have a honeymoon:

To Relax. Even the most modest weddings are stressful and tiring. And if you're like most couples, you'll spend more time with your guests than your new spouse at your wedding. A honeymoon is your opportunity to relax alone together.

To Celebrate. You're married! Finally! Allow yourselves some time to kick back and celebrate your new status as an official couple.

To Make Love. Okay, you don't need to pack a suitcase to do this. But on a honeymoon you can make love for hours undisturbed. Doing so in a beautiful setting away from home fosters intimacy, a cornerstone of a strong marriage.

To Explore. A honeymoon sends a couple out into the world together, and it's one of life's joys to experience new places, foods, and more together.

To Plan for the Future. A honeymoon gives a couple quiet time to imagine their future. What kind of family do you envision? Where do you want to be in five years? Ten? Twenty? More than sweet nothings are whispered on long honeymoon strolls on the beach and candlelight dinners.

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