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Best Places to Honeymoon in March/April

When to Go Where


Best Places to Honeymoon in March/April

Neon lights up the night in Las Vegas.

The Venetian.
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Wondering when to go where for the best honeymoon experience in March or April? Although weather is especially variable in early spring, and higher elevations are cooler than low-lying areas, the odds are you will find comfortable weather during your honeymoon visiting:




Sure Things

  • Year-round, the weather's just about perfect in Hawaii, which is why it's perennially named the no. 1 honeymoon destination.
  • Somewhere around the world, every month of the year, a cruise ship is sailing some place wonderful.

Beat the Crowds

Hit Europe before masses of tourists arrive for the summer. Although weather can be unpredictable, as long as you're prepared for it, you'll find plenty to do and see in major cities.

Not the Best Time to Visit on a Honeymoon

  • It's cold and it's rainy in New England and the Northeast US in early spring. If a late snowstorm doesn't get you, mud season may.
  • Spring means spring break - and there are certain places adults will want to avoid.

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