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Top 7 Romantic Heart Pendants for Her


A universal symbol of love, the heart has held meaning for centuries. In pagan and early Christian eras, it was thought to be the center of emotion. To the Victorians, the heart symbolized love, courage, and intelligence. Now when one bestows a heart to another, the message of "I give my heart to you" is unmistakable. All of these pendants communicate that sentiment beautifully.

1. Elegant Diamond Heart Pendant

© Heavenly Treasures.
The most coveted of all heart jewelry, diamond heart pendants are available in many different styles and several kinds of metal. The diamond outline of a heart is especially stylish, although some favor pavé hearts, with diamonds on one or both sides. Diamond hearts in combination with other stones are also eye-catching.

2. Amethyst-Diamond-Pink Sapphire Heart Pendant

© Heavenly Treasures.
What a stunner! This 14-carat faceted amethyst is outlined in pink sapphires and attached to a white gold necklace by a row of white diamonds. Combine the symbolism of the heart with amethyst, and you've got a piece of jewelry that symbolizes trust, love, honesty, and serenity.

3. Rose Gold Heart Pendant with Diamonds

© Heavenly Treasures.
Rose gold is a beautiful, warm-looking metal without the brashness of gold. This feminine, filigreed pendant (slightly different from the photo) is outlined with a heart made of diamonds. And each little one says, "I love you."

4. Sapphire Heart Pendant

© Heavenly Treasures.
Blue sapphires and white gold in a pleasing heart shape creates an pendant that says she's true-blue.

5. Ruby Heart Pendant

© Heavenly Treasures.
Does her heart beat red for you? Then choose rubies set in gold.

6. Silver Heart Locket Pendant

© Heavenly Treasures.
Silver hearts are the most affordable, although the wearer will have to keep them polished to maintain their shine. In the early stages of a relationship, a silver heart can make a perfect gift. This pendant doubles as a locket, and inside you can keep two small photos or a lock of hair. It can be engraved on the front.

7. Golden Heart Pendant

Puffed or hollow, polished or florentined, gem-encrusted or not, the golden heart is a classic symbol that tells the world the wearer is beloved.
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