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Hearts in Pictures and Hearts in Jewelry

Big hearts, little hearts, bejeweled hearts, animated hearts, candy hearts, hearts with flowers...find pictures of all here.

Arrow in Heart
Cupid displays arrow in center of heart, from Vintage Valentine's Day postcard collection.

Cornucopeia of Hearts
Cupids pour hearts onto dress of beautiful woman.

Cupids with Basket of Hearts
Cupids with Basket of Hearts.

Heart with Cupid Writing Inside
Hearts imagery from Vintage Valentine's Day postcard collection.

Hearts of Flowers
Flowers shaped into hearts, with the words "To my Valentine" on a daisy heart. From Vintage Valentine's Day postcard collection.

Valentine's Heart with Rose & Inscription
Written on heart: "The rose is thought of love divine, oh thou be my Valentine," from Vintage Valentine's Day postcard collection.

Romantic Heart Pendants
A universal symbol of love, the heart has had special meaning for centuries.

Anatomy of the Heart
About's Biology Guide provides a medical illustration of how the human heart is structured. Drawing quality: A-.

Angels, Hearts, and Flowers
Original images from About's Guide to Web Clipart. Drawing quality: B.

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