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How to Avoid Getting Pregnant on Your Honeymoon

Use Birth Control to Avoid Unwanted Pregnancy on Your Honeymoon


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How to allow yourselves some time as a couple before you become a family.

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Not every couple intends to start a family early in their marriage. To avoid getting pregnant during your honeymoon (or at any other time), you must use birth control.

A honeymoon is typically a time of joyous and unrestrained lovemaking, when a couple finally has the time and place to be alone together undisturbed. But there are consequences. For some, the biggest risk is missing out on seeing all the attractions outside the bedroom. For others, unwanted pregnancy is a risk they'd rather not take.

How to Avoid Getting Pregnant

Birth control can be used by men or women. Each method has advantages and disadvantages. About.com's Guide to Contraception explains the four types of birth control available. Discuss with your partner in advance of your honeymoon what type of birth control you want to use to avoid getting pregnant. Whichever one or combination of methods you choose, understand that you must use birth control consistently, every time you have intercourse, to avoid getting pregnant.

Although emergency contraception can be used to avoid pregnancy, it is not always readily available — so a bit of planning will go a long way in helping you to extend that honeymoon feeling until you want to start a family.

Note: Steps you take to avoid getting pregnant will not prevent you from becoming pregnant after you abandon the use of birth control.

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