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Travel Healthy

Stay healthy when you travel.

How to Avoid Getting Pregnant on Your Honeymoon
Birth control can help you to avoid unwanted consequences.

Protect Hair from Heat & Humidity & Sun Damage in the Tropics
Steps to take to protect curly, frizzy, hair from heat and humidity on a tropical vacation or at a destination wedding.

Self Tanning Products for a Safe Suntan
Safe tanning lotions and other products that produce a healthy-looking suntan without damaging skin.

Vacation Skin Care
Taking care of your skin for your wedding, honeymoon, and forever after.

Center for Disease Control
Information on vaccinations, outbreaks, and specific diseases that can affect travelers throughout the world.

What triggers "mal de mer," how to prevent, and remedies.

Ship Sanitation Database
Another service from the CDC. Check how clean your ship is here.

The Wellness Concierge
Marlene Fedin helps business travelers stay in the pink.

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