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Top 9 Valentine Gifts for Women


Looking for Valentine or romantic gifts to please the woman in your life? Whether you're just dating, engaged, or married, the gifts that provoke the most delight are traditional ones: Roses, chocolate, perfume, and jewelry. The untraditional part is that you can now buy them all online. Select one from each category, and you're likely to hit the romance trifecta, ensuring a memorable evening.

1. Red Roses

Fresh red roses
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If you want to say on Valentine's Day, "I love you," nothing expresses that sentiment better than beautiful red roses. To be certain your message comes across clearly, include a love letter that says how much she means to you.

2. Romantic Heart Necklace

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Jewelry with hearts say "I love you." Choose from a variety of metals and a range of prices.

3. Sweet and Sexy Lingerie

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A Valentine's day gift selection of pretty things for her to wear to bed.

4. A Ring That Symbolizes a Promise

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Bestow a promise ring on your love this Valentine's Day, and it says you're ready to take the next (small) step in your relationship.

5. Nordstrom Gift Card

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Sometimes the best gifts are the ones the recipient can choose for him or herself. It may not seem romantic at the time, but a gift card motivates a loved one to indulge -- and that's always a good thing! Choose a style and denomination here. And if she doesn't have a Nordstrom nearby, she can use the card to buy a gift for herself online.

6. Diamond Heart Jewelry

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If you want to melt a heart, there's nothing like bestowing a jeweled one that is mounted with a diamond... or two... or more. Diamond jewelry sparkles in the light, reminding the wearer of the person who gave it to her each time it scintillates.

7. A Classic Perfume

If you don't know what her signature fragrance is, you can't go wrong with one of these.

8. Apple iPod Touch

The iPod Touch does everything an iPhone does, without having to change your phone plan. Depending on how much memory you choose (32 and 64 gigabyte models are available), the user can stash between thousands of songs, watch movies and play games on the retina display, and download his or her favorite apps. Too pricey? Consider an iPod nano or an even cheaper Shuffle.
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9. Gemstone Earrings

Small and sparkly, earrings with stones can dazzle. If your budget can't afford diamond earrings, select a pair with pearls or semi-precious stones to dress up her ears. Before you buy, know whether her ears are pierced or not and choose the appropriate back.
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