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Top 7 Valentine's Day Gift Basket Items


Why give someone one Valentine's Day gift when you can present the one you love with an entire basket of gifts? Here are some sweet, sensual, and utterly delightful Valentine's Day gifts that will fill a basket and a heart.

1. Valentine's Day Chocolate

Nothin' says lovin' on Valentine's Day like chocolate. For your Valentine's Day basket, choose a box of sweets for your sweet that you can buy online.

2. Valentine's Day Perfume

If you're considering a Valentine's Day gift of perfume to include in a basket, try to find out a) if she uses fragrance and b) what her favorite scent is. On a tight budget? Consider buying a scented bath product instead of more-expensive perfume.

3. Scented Travel Candle

Create a romantic mood on Valentine's Day with a scented travel candle from the gift basket. While scented candles are ubiquitous, these high-quality ones will transport you to calm seas if you light it together... and use your imagination.

4. Kama Sutra Massage Cream

Add Kama Sutra Massage Cream to your Valentine's Day gift basket. Dab it sparingly on a pillowcase, light bulb, and even on pulse points before a big night.
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5. Diamond Heart Jewelry for Valentine's Day

If you really want to wow someone on Valentine's Day, add a gift of diamonds and make this gift basket truly precious. Formed into the shape of a heart, these selections are utterly romantic.

6. Book of Love Poems

You never have to feel tongue-tied on Valentine's Day or any other time of year when you have a collection of love poetry close at hand. Include a volume in a Valentine's Day basket and recite words of passion from it.

7. Sexy Music CD

Set the mood on Valentine's Day by including classic sounds of love from can't-miss performers in the gift basket.
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