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Top 9 Places for Valentine's Day Gifts Online


Online stores make buying Valentine's Day flowers, gifts, and greetings as easy as could be. I consider the following stores to be exceptional online vendors, where you can buy traditional Valentine's day gifts -- flower Valentine's day gifts, candy Valentine's day gifts, chocolate Valentine's day gifts, lingerie Valentine's day gifts -- along with other thoughtful Valentine's day gifts that show how well you know and treasure your Valentine.

1. Heavenly Treasures Online Jewelry Gifts for Valentine's Day

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The reason I like the Heavenly Treasures online jewelry store for Valentine's Day gifts is that it not only has a wide selection of necklaces, earrings, rings, and other glittery goods but many items are quite affordably priced. Plus there's a 90-day return policy and a lifetime guarantee on the products.

2. Emitations Jewelry Valentine's Day Gifts Online

Do the two of you have more taste than money? Emitations sells high-style fashion jewelry online. Chandelier earrings remain popular this Valentine's Day, and the selection is good and sparkly. If she already has more jewelry than room for it, consider a gift of a charming and colorful Emitations jewelry box in the shape of a Victorian sofa, bath tub, or luscious lips.

3. Bare Necessities Online Valentine's Day Lingerie Gifts

Bare Necessities features a terrific online selection of lingerie for both women and men. And you can find a gift for just about everyone on your Valentine's Day list: Bare Necessities also carries plus size bedroom fashions for women. Inexpensive shipping is available, packaging is discreet.

4. Natori Lingerie

Looking to buy silk, sensual Valentine's day lingerie online? The high-end, beautifully designed Natori brand offers chemises, gowns, robes, caftans, PJs, and bridal wear for romantic nights.

5. Paragon Sports Online Valentine's Day Gifts

Is your significant other an athlete or adventurer? New York City's Paragon Sports department store sells clothing and gear for just about every sporting pursuit. Something from its online store could make a perfect gift for the sports lover in your life. Don't know what to get? Paragon also sells gift cards online.

6. Sephora Online

Thinking of buying perfume or cologne online for your significant other this Valentine's Day? Sephora offers a wide range of the latest fragrances, along with gift ideas for men, women, and teens.

7. Kama Sutra Online Valentine's Day Gifts

Hoping for a sensual Valentine's Day? Then choose a gift set at Kama Sutra online. Selections include a Lover's Paintbox, Earthly Delight Gift Tin, and Bedside Box. If travel plans are in your future, consider The Weekender Kit, a product sampler than contains mini-portions of The Original Oil of Love, Wild Clove Luxury Bathing Gel, passion-sustaining Pleasure Balm, Sweet Almond Massage Oil, and edible Honey Dust -- with a feather applicator.

8. Godiva Chocolatier Valentine's Day Gifts Online

Does your sweetheart have a sweet tooth? Then the sight of Godiva's signature gold Valentine's Day gift box online may set his or her mouth watering. To guarantee sweetness beyond Valentine's Day, consider the Chocolate of the Month gift program. Twelve times a year, a gift of Godiva chocolate, biscuits, or truffles will arrive. Godiva also makes gift certificates available.

9. Zappos Online

If you think shoes are a weird Valentine's Day gift or that purchasing a pair online is nutty, skip this. But I had such good experiences during the holidays that I do recommend Zappos to shoe lovers. They upgraded my online order to next-day delivery after I placed it, have such a wide selection they even fit my 5E dh, and made returns easy. Zappos recently added a designer collection online that includes styles for men and women by Isaac Mizrahi, Nicole Miller, DKNY, and others.

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