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Top 8 Swim Wear for a Man


For a man heading on vacation, the convenience of being able to shop online for swim wear is a tremendous time-saver. The swim wear selections below offer a man a choice of styles, great gear to wear to get into the swim of things.

1. Nordstrom Men's Swim Wear

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Whether he wants board shorts, brand-name swim wear, or another kind of swim trunks, he can find an excellent selection of current styles at Nordstrom, which assures that he won't feel embarrassed on the beach.

2. Vilebrequin

The status, luxury swim trunk brand features daring patterns from the beaches of Saint-Tropez.

3. Bluefly Designer Swim Trunks

Choose trunks, boardshorts and more from a variety of men's designer swim wear styles, all at a discount.

4. Swim Outlet

Choose from men's briefs, training suits, swim trunks, and swim jammers. Serious swimmers and divers can also find wetsuits and technical suits.

5. Men's Swim Wear from LLBean

Classic sport shorts to swim in. What they lack in sexiness, they make up for in durability. In black, beige, navy, orange, and aqua.

6. Speedo Board Shorts

Hang ten or hang tough in these long-length surfer-style swim trunks. Style is 23" long and has a drawstring waist with a tie closure plus a Velcro pocket.

7. Billabong Boardshorts

Long in length and long on style, Billabong Boardshorts swim wear is inspired by the surfers of Australia. They feature a velcro fly and tie closure. The Billabong name is embroidered along the side.

8. Azur Thong Swim Wear

Show-off swim wear (or good for a giggle), these abbreviated suits for a man features a pouch front and thong back. The white ones are sheer when wet.
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