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Top 5 Romantic Gift Basket Items


Going away soon? Consider putting together a romantic gift basket, packed with favorite items to ensure a romantic getaway. You can also give a close friend a romantic gift basket as a special-occasion present, even if he or she has no immediate plans to travel. The romantic items you put in your gift basket will say a lot about how much you value the recipient.

1. Pacifica Soy Candle

Create a romantic mood with a scented candle from your gift basket. While scented candles are ubiquitous, this high-quality botanical one that carries the Pacifica name will transport you to calm seas if you light it together... and use your imagination.
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2. Kama Sutra Massage Cream

Add Kama Sutra Massage Cream to your romantic gift basket. This is one of several romantic gifts made by Kama Sutra that are sexy and affordable.
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3. Kama Sutra Earthly Delights Gift Tin

Turn the bath into a romantic getaway for two. This beautifully designed tin contains Kama Sutra's original oil of love, pleasure balm, honey almond massage cream, honey dust, and sweet almond massage oil.
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4. Jane Eyre DVD

One of the greatest — and most romantic — love stories ever written, the Jane Eyre DVD appeals to girls and woman of all ages.
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5. Lighted Travel Magnifier

Prevent map fights! Tuck a small lighted magnifier into your gift basket and it will have many uses -- to read menus and bills in low light, as well as illuminating a a map when you're driving and it's dark.
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