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Top 10 Gifts for Grooms


It's a tradition in many cultures for brides to give grooms a gift before or after the ceremony. If you are debating what gifts are appropriate for your groom, consider the following. Each of these gifts is bound to please your groom and will remain as a keepsake of your wedding long after the event.

1. Classic Dress Watch

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There are everyday watches, and then there are special-occasion watches. If your groom is like most guys, he wears a sports-type watch most of the time. Gift him with a thinner, more elegant model to wear at your wedding and when you dine out on your honeymoon. The elegant Movado Classic Stainless Steel Watch is such a classic that the version with a black leather strap is in the Museum of Modern Art's design collection.
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2. Marriott Hotels Travel Gift Certificate

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It's never too late to start planning where to spend your first anniversary -- or how to afford a honeymoon that you didn't think you could. Give him a travel gift the two of you can share and revel in!

3. 14-Karat Gold Cufflinks with Diamonds

Heavenly Treasures.
If your groom is wearing a rental tuxedo, chances are he will receive inexpensive cufflinks for to secure the French cuffs of his shirt. Surprise him with a gift of fine cuff links that he'll value for a lifetime. Alternatively, he's likely to be especially pleased if you select gift cuff links that symbolize one of this passions.

4. Sterling Silver Love Knot Cufflinks

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Your budget is already stretched, but you don't want to forget the groom. Give him a gift of cufflinks in the symbolic "love knot" shape that he will treasure forever.

5. Money Clip

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If you're like most couples, chances are some of your friends and family will want to present you with gifts of cash for your wedding. Help the groom prepare by giving him a gift money clip. This gold-plated money clip, which can be engraved, will always remind him of the occasion.

6. Canon Vixia Digital Camcorder

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A video camera isn't a sentimental groom gift, but it's one that will be especially useful for capturing memories on your honeymoon. This is the camcorder everyone wants now. Lightweight because it has no moving parts and records everything on a removable flash memory, it also boasts a Canon lens. Record your most romantic moments and memorable trips with it. You'll never have to replace tape in the middle of a shoot. The unit, which fits in the hand, can also be used as a still digital camera.
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7. Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones

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He'll never want to screen out your voice, of course, but if he flies a lot or wants to enjoy music through headphones, he'll thank you for these noise reducers. This groom gift comes in its own padded case with a shoulder strap.
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8. Leather Wallet

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Gift the groom a gift of a slim, new leather wallet. With generous gifts from wedding guests, it should fatten up in no time!

9. iPod Touch

The iPod Touch does everything an iPhone does, without having to change your phone plan. Depending on how much memory you choose (8, 32, and 64 gigabyte models are available), he can stash between thousands of songs, watch movies and play games on the widescreen display, and download his favorite apps.
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10. Cross Gold-Filled Pen Set

Writing thank-you notes isn't strictly the bride's job. Gift your groom with a slim Cross® 10-Karat Gold-Filled Pen/Pencil Set, and he'll have all the tools he needs to thank your aunt and uncle for their small wedding gift -- or large check.
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