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Fantasyland Hotel and West Edmonton Mall

Alberta's Main Attraction


If your fantasy involves cuddling up in a themed hotel room and making occasional forays into a giant mall for food and entertainment, the Fantasyland Hotel in Alberta, Canada is made for you.

About one-third of the rooms in the Fantasyland Hotel have a theme. Two floors are exclusively devoted to recreating a Polynesian ambiance. Other themes include Hollywood, Rome, Old West, and Sports. The rest of the rooms, which are contemporary, are designed for visiting business people in oil-rich Edmonton. (Although you could certainly play out a boss-and-secretary fantasy in those accommodations, should you desire.)

On the following pages you can view some of the themed rooms at the Fantasyland Hotel and attractions at the West Edmonton Mall, to which it directly connects.

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Edmonton from the AirFantasyland Honeymoon HotelOld West Themed FloorWestern Door at Fantasyland Hotel
Stagecoach BedFamily Room at the Fantasyland HotelWestern-Themed SpaVictorian-Themed Room
Polynesian-Themed FloorPolynesian-Themed Bed at the Fantasyland HotelPlush Polynesian ParrotPolynesian-Themed Spa Tub
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