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Costa Rica Travel

What you Need to Know about Travel in Costa Rica


Costa Rica Travel

Grounds of the El Silencio eco travel lodge in Costa Rica.

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Even couples who travel widely may be unaware Costa Rica has no army, an outstanding human rights record, high literacy and low crime rates.

Costa Rica is also concerned with preserving its vast diversity of flora and fauna and so has become a world leader in eco travel.

So Costa Rica ought to be high on the list for those seeking to travel on a honeymoon or romantic vacation to a varied and beautiful environment that is also easy on the conscience.

Costa Rica has already set aside nearly a quarter of the country with its Protected Areas System, an initiative dedicated to preserving biological diversity and one that benefits both citizens and those who travel here. Costa Rica also intends to become the world’s first carbon neutral country to travel within.

This has made it all that much easier for socially conscious couples who enjoy travel to experience Costa Rica’s spectacular scenery—cloud forests, lush valleys, green mountainous countryside, water's edge jungles, waterfalls, and beaches—and the varied sea life of Costa Rica.

The jewel of Central America, Costa Rica can suit those who want a quiet getaway set in natural beauty as well as those who enjoy romantic travel on the more active and adventuresome side.

One more thing to add to couples' comfort level: Costa Rica is a Spanish-speaking country, yet those who travel through will find that English is widely spoken.

Travel to the Pacific Side of Costa Rica

Mountains dominate Costa Rica, but the country also offers those who travel here a bi-coastal experience. The Caribbean Sea edges the east and the Pacific the west, making Costa Rica travel a good choice for honeymoon couples that want beaches and blue waters, a sea or an ocean.

Our travel took us to the Pacific side of Costa Rica, in particular the small beach town of Manuel Antonio, near Quepo. It takes about four hours of travel by car from San Jose. Prefer to travel by plane? There are several flights from the Costa Rica capital and then it is a 30-minute ride if you travel the rest of the way by car or bus. Our travel recommendation is to fly to Quepo and return by vehicle.

Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica is where the mountains come down to the sea, making for beaches with a deep green backdrop of hills. There are many fine beaches here.

The Costa Rica scenery surrounding Manuel Antonio, with terrific views of the water, twisting roads past coffee farms and deep green mountain sides, is just too good to be missed. Visitors who travel this route and pause at “sodas” -- family-owned restaurants selling typical foods of Costa Rica -- totally experience the unique flavor of this extraordinary country.

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