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European Delivery Programs


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European Delivery Programs
European Delivery Programs

By picking up your new car in Europe, you can save money on your vacation.

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A European honeymoon or vacation becomes even more romantic when a couple can take delivery of their brand-new car at the factory overseas.

In fact, couples can save enough money with European delivery programs (“EDP” for short) that the trip where they tour the countryside in their new car is in effect free.

To start the process, place your order for European delivery through an authorized dealer in the US or Canada. (Any car destined for North America will be configured to meet emission standards.)

In addition to a no-haggle discount of five to eight percent off the manufacturer’s suggested purchase price, car makers throw in overseas travel perks and freebies. (With any European delivery program, you’ll need to stay 10 days minimum for valid European registration and license plates, insurance, and taxes.)

Vacation enhancers include free hotel stays, meals, insurance, even round-trip airfare. Perks that can add up to as much as $5,000 certainly help defray the cost of a trip, avoid expensive European rental car costs, and lessen the sting of the weak dollar overseas.

The downside? You’ll have to pay in full for the vehicle before you pick it up at the factory overseas -- although some U. S. dealers will arrange financing. Also, while some European delivery centers are open Saturdays, drop-off facilities are not, so plan your excursion to return the car on a weekday.

Couples are reunited with cars at their local dealership 6 to 8 weeks after saying goodbye in Europe. That’s another upside: European delivery programs mean you get to welcome your new car not once, but twice.

Nearly all makers of European cars have delivery programs. In addition to the marques below, Porsche and Saab also offer EDP.


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