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Top 5 Sexy Costumes for Women


Sexy costumes can add thrills to romantic nights for both women and men. Ready to have some fun? Play dress up. Whether you want a "special" outfit to spice up a getaway or a sexy outfit to wear at home, these costumes for women can inspire flights of fancy and fantasy.

1. Short-Skirted Gypsy Woman Costume

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Deep pink and purple hues add to the allure of this sexy costume that comes with a one-piece dress with an attached blouse, lace up vest, apron, and ruffled skirt. There are also attachable pouf sleeves, and a scarf to wrap around the top of your head included.

2. Sexy Mermaid Costume

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Turn your world into a water wonderland. This Siren of the Sea costume comes with a strapless boned golden corset that laces in the back, a scaly green mermaid skirt (so you can walk on land), and fishtail.

3. Sexy Queen of Hearts Costumes

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Whether you're up for gambling or gamboling, the wearer of this sexy dress is sure to rule in your favor. Costumes consists of a black and white and red mini halter dress with heart emblems and a ruffled collar neckpiece. Complete these sexy costumes a double-layer mini-petticoat and thigh-high stockings.

4. Sweet & Sexy Woodland Nymph Costumes

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Imagine her flitting through the forest in this this pretty, feminine mini-dress, which comes with a waist sash adored with a big flower appliqué, plus a matching hair clip. You'll need two more pieces to pull the look together, though: Her purple petticoat and detachable wings.

5. "Black Swan" Costume

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Every little girl wants to be a ballerina, and when she grows up those lessons pay off: She makes quite a private dancer for her guy. A feathered tutu, matching gloves, and tiara make these costumes applause-worthy.
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